Choosing the ideal chiropractic table to start your clinic

There are so many chiropractic table options out there! All of them are unique and have different features which can make it difficult to know which is the best table for your office. We start liking one or two things from each table. Here are a few ways to narrow down your list:

1. Know who's your ideal patient

Are you going to be seeing a lot of pregnant patients, elderly, or athletes? Every niche have their own needs. For example, it could be hard for a pregnant patient  to climb very high table. For an athlete, that would be no problem.

2. Techniques

Most of us use multiple techniques according to the patient's needs, but some of those techniques require specific tables like Thompson and Cox. Would you need drops (cervical, thoracic lumbopelvic)? If you're going to see a lot of elders, you may want to look into the Cox technique. This table requires flexion and extension.

3. Height

We all want to practice for the longest time without getting injured. This is why setting the table to your adequate height is so important. Some tables elevate, but that's a feature that will significantly increase their cost. Sun Chiro Tables gave us their best advice: "Your table should be built, so the distance between the floor and the top of its cushions is at least the same height as what you measured from the floor to the top of your patella." So, get your portable tables out or a table at your campus and check what the best height is for you. Read their full answers to some of the common questions here!

4. Space

If you're going to have an open adjustment setting, this probably won't be a problem. If you're going to have adjustment rooms, make sure that the table fits comfortably so you can move around the table for the adjustments, including extremities.

5. Table features

Which features are included and which ones are not? Depending on all of the previous points, you may need or want certain things. Some of the most common features are headpiece elevations, abdominal breakaway (mostly for pregnant patients), foot cocking pedal, and the colors.

6. Shipping 

Tables are usually custom made depending on your needs, height, etc. This means that they will take some time to manufacture before they are shipped. My advice is for you to ask the average manufacturing time and the average shipping time. If you know that your goal is to open an office and already have the resources, it would be great if you could order your tables within the last 5 months of school. I have a friend in Puerto Rico who ordered her tables in November 2021 and just got them in June 2022. So, check what the shipment method is -air transportation usually takes less time.

Sun Chiro Table is a student oriented brand. I reached out to them with some questions which they gladly answered. Click here to read the answers. They extended a promo code to all of us!!!  10% off all tables, excluding Practice Specials and Student Tables.


Do you have any other recommendations when choosing a table? Leave it in the comments. I would love to read them!

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