About Us

Welcome to Chiros Shop!

My name is Janairís Colón, DC. I graduated from Life University in 2020 and currently practice in Puerto Rico.

How did was Chiros Shop created?

When I was 6 years old, my mother opened a small business where my brother and I were raised. We grew up there and it was so much fun! I lived the dream of being a cashier and "business person" at such a young age. Yes, my brother and I were the kids selling bracelets in school. I grew up loving the entire dynamics of business.

Through chiropractic school, I would notice there were very few items related to our profession. That's when I started developing the idea of customizing things, but it wasn't until graduation that I really started to focus on this possibility. Finally, in 2021 Chiros Shop was revealed to you all:  a store from a Chiropractor to a Chiropractor. This is all for you, enjoy your shopping experience!