If you have followed Chiros Shop journey, you know that every article is made and shipped with tons of love and appreciation. Most of our products are actually handmade!

I LOVE partnering with other brands to bring you the best accessories, so here I present our partners:

Stitches by Paige:

In February of 2020, I decided to sew myself a headband. I posted a picture of it on my Instagram, and some of my friends wanted me to make them one too! I started to create more headbands and the demand for them started to climb... so I started an Etsy shop to help me keep track of orders. During this period of time, I started talking to God about how in the WORLD I was going to pay off my thousands of dollars of student loans. In the midst of this ongoing conversation with Him, is when this Etsy shop happened. It was such an answer to prayer! With God's provision and faithfulness, and I am happy to announce that I have paid off ALL of my student loans.

Face Feelz:

Hey! My name is Emily Muery and I’m a future chiropractor from Denver, Colorado. I followed my sorority big sister to chiropractic school and soon discovered I was meant to be a chiropractor. I noticed early on in school that we went through copious amounts of face paper, and I really just didn’t like the sound of it crinkling while I was adjusting. With inspiration from an older student, I started making face cloths for myself and close friends to use in adjusting classes. My friends helped me realize I could make and sell these for other students and chiropractors and have a small income while being a full-time grad student, and that’s when Face Feelz was born! I continue to make improvements on the cloths, but they have always remained handmade and with the intention of chiropractic care. No two cloths are identical, but each is made with love and care!