Chiropractic Techniques

There are over 200 techniques within chiropractic. Most colleges have 4-6 techniques within their curriculum with many others being electives. They can vary in their approaches, specialty, specificity and more. It's important to know what your niche will be in order to choose the adequate techniques for your patients. Keep in mind that patients have different needs, so as you go through chiropractic school, try to learn as many techniques as you can for your niche. Here are the most used techniques:

Diversified- often the first technique taught in chiropractic school

Extremity Adjusting- many seminars are also offered

Activator Methods- one of the most researched techniques

Gonstead- has been the origin to many techniques

Cox Flexion/ Distraction- widely used for disc problems

Thompson technique- drop tables

Sacro Occipital Techniques- also called SOT

When you visit or consider applying to a school, make sure to check what techniques are in the curriculum and what are the electives. Shadow different offices and ask the technique/s that they used. Each of the mentioned techniques have a lot of seminars and some of them even offer certifications that you can take while being a student or after school.

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