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I contacted Sun Chiro Table with some questions that I was asked and here are the answers! Discount Code at the end!

How to choose the ideal height for the table

"Your table is the one tool you will use daily in your practice. However, given the physical nature of chiropractic, picking a poorly sized table will make for long days, unnecessary physical exertion, and ultimately, a reduction in your job satisfaction, efficiency, and longevity. So take the time to decide what table height you should get carefully. Moreover, if you pick wrong, or your practice style changes, necessitating a change in height, correct the height of your table as soon as possible.

The age-old question is doctor comfort versus mechanical advantage. When discussing this, we almost always discuss a side posture adjustment. General thought holds that the lower the table, the more mechanical advantage. However, that lower table comes at the expense of your having to bend more when performing all other tasks (examination, palpation, PA adjusting, and just about everything else). So why optimize your table to a single adjustment? That is the question, and only you, as the doctor, can answer it. If selecting your table to maximize mechanical advantage during Diversified side posture adjusting, measure from the floor to the top of your patella. That's your ideal table height.

Your table should be built, so the distance between the floor and the top of its cushions is at least the same height as what you measured from the floor to the top of your patella. I suggest adding at least 1 inch to that measurement if you will be primarily doing Diversified and 2 inches if you will be doing lots of drop work. A small sacrifice of mechanical advantage can go a long way in taking stress off your back during long work shifts. It's also good to remember that if your table comes equipped with a lumbo/pelvic drop, it should be used on larger patients. Therefore, an optimal mechanical advantage during side posture should not necessarily be the primary consideration when selecting table height; instead, you should consider all of the tasks that are to be performed daily as part of your treatment package."

Table Highlights

Their customer service is great! They are extremely nice and truly care about the needs.

"Here are a few highlights and customer appreciated benefits of purchasing a Sun Chiro Table.

1. Our Student Table is the most affordable table to date. It's exclusive to students and those who have recently graduated and reflects on average 21% in savings when compared to similar models.

2. Our tables can be aesthetically customized in many different ways without charging extra. For example, on our Prestige tables doctors can choose between four different wood stain choices, and 14 different vinyl choices, free to make the table uniquely their own, and free of charge :)

3. For the first six months after delivery of the table, we will exchange the legs initially supplied with a set that will change the height in case the doctor doesn't like the height they chose (SkateBoard woodwork is the only one that cannot be exchanged). We believe strongly in doctors' personal health and would never want them practicing on a table that isn't properly sized.

4. 24/7 customer service. Tables need to work when you do, so we are always here to troubleshoot or help when needed.

5. Our drops are crisp and fast. The drop blocks are manufactured out of HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene), a self-lubricating plastic. This material works well with the steel drop plungers and does not become grooved with heavy use like aluminum or steel blocks but instead deforms with the plunger as the drop falls. This keeps the drops running like new for many years."

Shipping to Puerto Rico

"We have been shipping frequently to Puerto Rico with DB Schenker for many years now and they are a huge reason as to why we are able to get our tables internationally and in great condition without extreme expenses. DB Schenker uses the spaces on existing flights rather than using their own independent planes and when they arrive at your preferred international airport (we most often use San Juan) you are able to then go and pick them up which generally saves doctors a significant amount of money on transportation fees. The transit time is reflected in the flights already scheduled to go into Puerto Rico and takes about ten business days to leave our facility and be ready for pick up. When tables are ordered most doctors do not pay for their transportation costs until the week that their order is scheduled to ship, this is about $525 USD for one table and gets cheaper with the higher quantity ordered. As soon as a flight has been selected to transport your order we will send you the tracking information. When the tables are ready for pickup the airport will contact you and you will be able to receive them and pay the customs taxes and ground fees there. Our tables are each shipped in two boxes which makes them very manageable for you to move alone or with one other person and they are able to be installed in your office in about 30 minutes.

We can also ship directly to your office door if you are unable or do not want to pick up at the airport. For this we use UPS, they are typically more expensive but they have their own planes and ships and they are able to promise a more specific delivery date, typically 3-5 business days with tracking information ready before your order leaves our facility. Both of these options are great and we have used them many times. At the end of the day, our priority as a company is to get the products that we love and believe into you in the best way possible. When it comes to shipping we do our best to save you money, we don't take any money from transportation costs for ourselves and we will always work with you to make sure that you are able to have what works best for you."

Sun Chiro Table is definitely a brand that a lot of offices choose in Puerto Rico. The feedback that I have received is that they ship fast and the tables last a long time. They are very easy to work with. Click here to know how to choose your ideal table!

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